Well it is obvious that as a compulsive type personality, it would not take long to become over run with chick and chickens! This is most evident by the number of additions to our chicken inventory. I am sure it will cap out at some point but until I figure out when enough is enough, I am going to continue having a great time with the peeps, chicks, and hens. I am not quite ready to go the rooster route yet so for now, I will obtain newborns and various chicks in different stages of growth.

Here we have the newest addition to the family. They appear to be a couple of weeks old so they will be introduced soon to the rest of the family. These were said to be a mix between White Rocks and Jersey Giants so I am anxious to see just what we will end up with, maybe some White Jersey Rock Giants! There appears to be a runt in the bunch and I am keeping an eye on her. She is a bit smaller than the rest and does not have as much of the white coloring on her. She seems to have been getting picked on a bit as well but she did not like being in a box by herself. She flew out of her box to find the others every time I tried to keep her separate. It is evident that she is very sociable even if it means she will get picked on. I guess it is like the saying that any attention is better than no attention! I just hope she can endure the ridicule.

An update on our hens, Bella has finally laid her first egg for us! She produced a beautiful pastel blue egg of great proportion I might add. I guess she just needed to feel comfortable and after three weeks it must have become so. Adding the hens from the Gibbs family the other night must have been what it took. She just did not like the idea of being the new kid on the block!

Here is the product of Tuesday's efforts from the girls. Bella's egg is in the center and is really a beautiful egg. This is what James has been waiting for! The two across the top are from Scarlett and Marigold. The little egg on the right is from our new unnamed Dominecker and the lower left is from one of the Gibbs hens. This bottom right egg is HUGE! Lucy gave us another fine egg on the bottom right and I think her soft shell issues may be taken care of for a while. Her eggs are of pretty good size also.
The Golden Comet chicks have been in the coop for a few days now getting introduced to the rest of the family. It will not be long until I can let them roam with the others but until then they will stay in their section and look out at the others.
More info on the chicks later, Jeff.