New Chicks will be picked up today

By chazz0861 · Jun 19, 2019 ·
  1. chazz0861
    Yesterday I called Ideal Poultry and placed my first order of chicks and ducklings.
    I ordered 25 Easter Egger pullets and 2 males, 25 Gold Sex Link pullets and 2 males,
    15 Rouen ducklings straight run and 15 White Pekin ducklings straight run.
    I am going to pick them up at Ideal Poultry this afternoon.
    I am VERY EXCITED :wee
    Will post some pictures after I get them in the Brood Box I am building.
    Got the box built yesterday still have to make the top.
    Went to the feed store and got some Chick Starter Feed, Small Pine Shavings, water font and 2 feed trays, that was all they had, and got another feeder and water font at Tractor Supply

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