New England Connecting Barn Chicken Coop at our Little Piece of Heaven

By tanyafan24 · Apr 8, 2019 · ·
  1. tanyafan24

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  1. N F C
    I agree with @MROO it would be nice to know how you created your set up :)
  2. MROO
    Neat set-up! Can you give us some descriptions and maybe a few more pics to turn this into an article? I'm sure there are lots of people out here (including myself!) Who would like to know what went into this project and how it all came together.
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    1. tanyafan24
      Yes, I can...just give me a couple of days, I will post more pictures and then update as we continue our build out...we are only 8 days in and I’m already dealing with a bullied chicken ... think epsom salt bath, butt cleaning, blow dry, bluecote... all things I NEVER THOUGHT I would be doing with a chicken (but I have to say she was pretty sweet through it all). Oh, and did I mention rain....for days...that is now flooding parts of the coop ... get chickens they said, they’re easy, they’re fun ... ummm
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