I know I haven't been on for quite a while. Since my last long in my Lucy had passed on. While I was at work my mother and my boyfriend had gotten Na-na a new friend since she had cried all the time wanting attention. We decided to name the new one Lilly. Time had passed and they grew up. Very big birds but were still my babies. Eventually they had moved in with Popoton, our Polish Rooster since Patrick, our Hamburg rooster was a tad too small to mate with them. Since they were my basement birds and rarely got to go outside (chickens are illegal where I live) I felt bad for them. They were given very good care, they were fed well, talked to daily, and they even came upstaris to visit with everyone but they just werent able to be the giant chickens they were suppose to be so my mother found a lady at our local vet who raised chickens of her own. We told her about their situation of being too big for the basement and needing more room and she gladly decided to give them a home on thier farm. Popo, Na-na, and Lilly have moved to a great farm. Where they can run freely outside with many other chickens. The lady also said she is going to find Popoton a Polish girlfriend. But my mother being the lady she is felt bad for giving my girls away. While she was at the poultry show in Linclon Nebraska recently, she came home with a Ameracuna pullet for me. She is adorable. A bit beat up but I think she is lovely. A "chubby" little grey thing, missing some feathers and her face is a bit beat up. But I believe with some love a bath and maybe some neosporin she will be beautiful to others as well