I tested the original homemade Styro-Bator and saw that it was too small to fit my homemade egg turner AND it didn't hold temp. and hum. well at all. So....Here's out new homemade 100q Igloo ice chest incubator: (it's still being worked on but hopefully, once we get a thermostat and lamp kit, we will finally be able to use it!)
<<< Two homemade egg turners, mesh wire in the bottom with soft, rubber-like counter liner on top of the mesh wire. Air holes added (not visible). Lamp kit and thermostat still needed, PC fan available but not yet installed into incubator.

<<< Here's what I started out with: a PC fan, light socket, and thermostat. The thermostat only went up to 90*F and the lamp kit only plugs into an outlet, so now I have the PC fan.

More updates to be added soon! I will post pictures of the incubator when it's finished.

LAST UPDATED: Oct. 23rd, 2009