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New Keeper Of Silkies

By Shelly4 · Jul 10, 2012 · ·
  1. Shelly4
    Hello everyone.
    I have had my 4 Silkies for a few months now, as far as I know they are around 19 weeks old. I care for them like they are my children :) I have found out, through trial and error that my girls love broccoli, grapes, coliflower and lettuce, they do not like strawberries, cucumber or carrots.
    Would love some help on sexing them if anyone has any ideas. So that's me, a mum of 4 girls (human :)) and 4 beautiful Silkie girls/boys.

    Black - Jed, Partridge - Suzie, White - (Dirty) Girty & Red - Gus

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  1. localcommotion42
    Cute! Hard to tell on gender though.

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