New Large Chicken Coop

By Clems Girls · Sep 4, 2015 · ·
  1. Clems Girls
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    This is our new coop, its quite large with 8 nesting boxes. it provides a very safe home for our chooks.



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  1. Clems Girls
    The outside section is 5.7m x 4.8m and is 1.8 m high (could be a fraction higher as we do occasionally bump our heads). The building is 4.8 x 1.5 as we have put in interior walls inside the main structure which we use the rest of for garden shed. At the moment we have 9 hens and 1 silkie rooster who is very gentle, we are planning on expanding our population. We keep the straw outside that window in the pic above, and resupply the straw inside every three weeks all year round.

    Sorry this was so late I didn't get a notification.
  2. jerrey
    sorry forgot ask how tall is your fence
  3. jerrey
    how many hens do you have and do you keep straw out all the time or just when it is cold in the hen house and do you have a Roo do you keep him with the hens
  4. chickenneighbor
    Nice! How many hens share those boxes?
  5. hennible
    How big?
    Love the size

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