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    <New London, CT> Chicken Zoning Permit Info

    Are Chickens Allowed in this locationyes
    Max Chickens Allowed6
    Roosters Allowedno
    Permit Requiredyes
    Coop Restrictionsplot plan, site walk, 20ft per chicken in enclosed pen
    City/Organization Contact nameCity of New London Planning, Zoning, Wetlands Division (860) 437-6379
    Additional InformationThe keeping of hens is permitted by obtaining an Administrative Zoning Permit in the following
    zones in the City of New London:.
    R-1/R-1A Single Family Low Density Residential District
    R-2 Two Family Medium Density Residential District
    C-1 General Commercial District**
    **As long as the principal use on such lot is single family residential.
    All proposals must meet the following criteria for the keeping of hens:
    1. No more than six (6) hens may be kept on any property.
    2. Hens may be kept only as a noncommercial accessory use. No sale of eggs (or meat from
    slaughtered chickens) is allowed.
    3. A fence shall be installed between properties that is not less than six feet in height and
    made of a solid material.
    4. The keeping of said hens shall be confined to an enclosure which shall meet the
    following minimum requirements (in addition to the otherwise applicable setbacks the
    more restrictive requirements shall apply):
    a. Shall be located in the rear yard of the property;
    b. Shall be a minimum of twenty (20) square feet in area per hen;
    c. Said enclosure shall not be closer to any property line than twenty (20) feet and
    shall not be closer to any neighboring residential dwelling than thirty (30) feet.
    5. There shall be a building (hereinafter referred to as a coop) provided for the hens that
    meets the following (in addition to the otherwise applicable setbacks the more restrictive
    requirements shall apply):
    a. Shall not be located any closer to any lot line than twenty (20) feet.
    (Amended 12/21/12)
    b. Shall be constructed so that it is impenetrable by rodents, vermin, wild birds, and
    predators, including dogs and cats;
    c. All food products shall be kept secured inside the coop or other secured structure
    so as to prevent offensive odors and the presence of pests and predators.
    d. Shall be not greater than six (6) feet in height and shall be calculated towards the
    total maximum lot coverage for the property.
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    \\Nldata\ODP\mgreiner\PZC\ApplicationForms\Administrative Applications\Keeping of Animals-Hens.DOC
    6. The coop and the enclosure must be clean and odor free, kept in a neat and sanitary
    condition at all times with adequate light and ventilation in a manner that will not disturb
    the use or enjoyment of neighboring lots due to noise, odor or other adverse impact.
    7. Provision must be made for the storage and removal of hen droppings. All stored
    droppings shall be covered by a fully enclosed structure with a roof or lid over the entire
    structure. All other droppings not used for composting or fertilizing shall be removed. In
    addition, the coop, enclosure and surrounding area must be kept free from trash and
    accumulated droppings.
    8. Perceptible noise from the hens shall not be loud enough at the property boundaries to
    disturb persons of a reasonable sensitivity.
    9. No hens shall be permitted inside any residential dwelling.
    10. No roosters and/or capons shall be kept on any property.
    11. The keeping of hens shall be conducted in a manner consistent and in compliance with
    the Health Code for the City of New London and the State of Connecticut.
    The following items must be submitted for review of your zoning permit application:
    1. A completed application (see page 3 of 3);
    2. If you are not the legal owner of the property where you propose to keep hens,
    application must be signed by the property owner.
    3. A plot plan (drawn to scale) that illustrates all structures on the lot including the proposed
    coop for the hens, fencing enclosure, and any other applicable information to determine
    compliance with these regulations. A sample has been provided for your reference.
    4. A $25.00 application fee. Fees may be submitted in cash or by check, payable to “The
    City of New London”.
    Please note that an inspection of the subject property is required to
    verify compliance with the Zoning Regulations before hens are
    permitted onsite.
    This includes inspection of the enclosure, coop, fencing, etc. for the hens.
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    Information Last Updated6/23/14

    NOTE: This information was submitted by a member of our chicken forum. Please make sure to double check that this information is accurate before you proceed with raising chickens. You can read more info about checking local laws here.

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