New run! 11x25 with room to fly

By AutomaChicks · May 20, 2015 · ·
  1. AutomaChicks
    Thanks for all the inspiration! We were tired of manually hauling out the girls into a dog pen. Now they can help themselves. Next is an auto closing/opening door to the coup.

    It's 13' on the high side and 6' on the short side. 25' long.

    The door opening is 6'6" for my tallest helpers. Lowes had the gate closing spring for 9 bucks. The easy gate hardware saved a bunch of time. Totally worth the cost.

    I buried a 4x4 for the bottom to prevent digging under even though the top isn't secure. It just has the no fly netting.

    From seeing other runs on here, I've bent the bottom mesh to prevent dig unders.

    I cut a hole in the wall of the coop and made a little hallway for them.

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  1. Feather Hearts
    "An Okay Article, Good Coop Though!"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 3, 2018
    This article wasn't particularly informative on building a coop, but did give some specifics on the coop. Overall, the coop is excellent, but the article is okay.


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  1. mothertochicks
    That's too bad. It seems like you have a very nice and big yard.
  2. AutomaChicks
    Unfortunately, they stay inside some kind of pen all day. It's a covert operation due to local ordinances not friendly to flocks.
  3. mothertochicks
    I am building a second coop and run as well because I am also tired of the daily letting them in and out to their daytime run which is in a different part of the yard. Good job! Do you let your chickens out free range at all or do they stay inside their run all day?

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