[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Draggin' Hill Farm[/FONT]
Here at Draggin' Hill Farm we have recently started raising chickens. Currently we are hatching Plymouth Barred Rocks and do have fertile eggs. We also have some Buff Silkies from Cathryn's Rainbow Silkies in Michigan. I had a cockerel but he got in his water dish and got sick and I couldn't save him so I'm waiting on 2 cockerels from Cathryn in June. I also have some Splash Silkies that I have gotten from a local breeder. If I have anything you may be interested in please feel free to contact me.
Here's a picture of my Barred Rock Roo. His name is Chad and he will be a year old at the end of April.


[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Here's some pictures of my Buff Silkie Pullets.[/FONT]

Here are some of my Splash.