Hi. Welcome to my page! Let me start by saying I have no idea what I'm doing! I'm new to the chicken keeping! I got into it because I wanted farm fresh eggs! I want to learn to be more self sustainable, and chickens seemed like a good start. Most people look at me funny when I tell them I have chickens, since I live in the mountain I guess.
I cringe a little when I think about the things our grocery store foods endure and ingest prior to their demise and our consumption. Don't get me wrong, I love meat and dairy products, I just want to learn how to buy more locally and be more aware of how the animals lives were prior to me eating them. I think that was part of the appeal to chicken raising.
Anyway, I like my girls! I have 9 total for now. 1 red star, 1 black star, 1 Americana, 1 Brahma, 1 Old English (so I was told?), and 4 Production Reds. It's fun to check up on them in the morning and at night. Only two are laying right now, but that's ok, I know the others will start soon (Octoberish). It does add an extra 15 minutes to my daily routine, but that's ok. It's worthh it!
I live near in CA, right next to the NV stateline. About 20 miles from South Lake Tahoe and 20 miles from Gardnerville, NV. I'm open to meeting new people involved in chicken keeping, or discussing supporting local farmers and how to best live up to my ideal goal! Or just to chat!