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We just started raising chickens this past April. We started with 12 Silver Laced Wyandotte chicks. At 5 weeks, our little 10lb dog killed 7 of the chicks. I decided to be proactive and went and got another dozen chicks
. This time only 3 SLW's and 9 Partridge Rocks. I then had one bantam given to me from a friend at work whos child had raised it in a high school science class. Everything was going great until the beginning of July we came home one day and one of the chickens was missing. A couple days later we came home and 5 were gone
. After talking with numerous people, I guess it must have been a fox. We do let the chickens free range all day and shut them in at night. I then heard of a lady one town over who was getting rid of her flock, all birds 1.5-4years old. I got them and everyone has finally begun to tolerate eachother. The new girls are 4 buff orps, 3 araconas, 1 buttercup roo, 1 black something, 2 red somethings and a brama. From my original flock I had 4 roosters and I got another one with the new flock. I was able to give one away, but I still have 4 which I think is too many for my 19 girls. I can't wait for my younger girls to start laying
! I am also thinking about hatching some eggs next spring. I'm so excited. The kids are LOVING having chickens and run down to check for eggs everytime they get. I will post pictures as I take them and will put up some of my coop as well.
I always kind of wanted a farm when I was growing up and we seem to be slowly getting there. We are going to get a couple goats in the spring as well and I would love to have pigs if I can convince my husband to! I really want to "get back to basics' with the food I eat and feed my family. My garden was pretty pathetic this year, but hopefully it will be larger and more productive next year. My goal is to not have to buy any veggies next year.
Any advise anyone wants to give is greatly appreciated.

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