New Guinea Chooks was introduced to chickens as a toddler. Our first chicken coop was finished before our house! (They had their coop, and we lived in a camping trailer)
Most of my school-age years were spent living in the pacific island country of Papua New Guinea; hence my name. I don't have any guinea fact, they're too noisy for me! Papua is right by Australia; thus Chooks.
I'm living in Ohio with my sister and b-i-l at the moment. We have:

2 brown EEs 1 Buff Orpington 4 Barred Rocks
1 bantam Silkie 1 white crested mix 1 silver Amerau

One Barred Rock is a Rooster. We've also got 6 milk goats, 2 mutt dogs, 2 cats, and one fat pig.