I started raising 5 chickens last August 09 and now 1 year later I have over 50, can we say my chicken math is really really bad. I love incubating and in fact my bators have been going almost steading since April after several failed hatches I figured out my issues and now have at least 80% hatches, even better with my own eggs.
Here are a few of my favorite chicken pics.
My boys just love chicks, they are pros at chick handling now.


Some of our newly built nesting boxes, and roosts. Our main coop is located under the playhouse and has chicken wire surrounding it.

My first blue egg ever.

Some of my gals enjoying some cold water melon on a hot day.
My Rooster Ozzy, when he use to be a sweet cuddly thing. Now he is much more interested in the ladies than me.