Nipple Waterer for my Brooder
Apparently I have a preference... or affinity for Nipple waterers. This one happened by accident on my part.
I had picked up a Stoneware water cooler stand at a local thrift store. I didn't need the cooler pot, but it came as a set. DH noticed it would hold plenty of water for the new brooder we just set up for 8 chicks. With two layers of pipe tape, the nipple fit perfectly into the spigot. No drilling, cutting, or reaming necessary.
The mechanism had to be removed so that the internal portion of the nipple could function, but we cut that off, and used the sandwich bag to seal the hole. All the original parts were usable, and no additional pipes or fittings were necessary.


Note the spigot mechanism on this cooler. It is a screw cap that can be removed and dismantled, leaving only a small hole.


Wrap nipple with pipe tape and screw into the bottom of the spigot. Use a plastic bag to seal the small hole. (I thought about using silicone, but DH didn't want to use chemicals.) Cut off excess plastic. Fill 5 gallon water bottle and insert onto cooler.

It holds 1 gallon of water in the ceramic base, and 3 to 5 gallons in a bottle. It is heavy enough that it cannot be overturned by chicks.

1 Water Nipple $2.00
1 Stoneware Household Water Cooler $ 0.50 (Thrift store sale)
Sandwich bag FREE (If you make sandwiches for lunch already)
Pipe Tape FREE again...
The smartest chickens in the WORLD! $PRICELESS! Please also note that the chick drinking is only 3 days old. Need I say more???