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No Kids Just Chickens

  1. linseylew4409
    I wanted a farm, we compromised on an acre.
    I wanted a "farm" dog, we compromised on chickens.
    I wanted 10 chickens, we compromised on 5.
    I wanted to buy an expensive coop, we compromised and built it ourselves.


    The chicks arrived at the Farmer's Co-op February 29, 2012 - they are leap chickens.
    The baby leap chicks were named:
    Rhode Island Red - Ginger
    Buff Orpington - Scramble
    Plymouth Rock - Littlefoot
    Black Australorp - Dottie
    Ameraucana - Miss Bunny
    We (and they) have learned so much since the girls arrived.

    They get warm baths to help them poop... (yes it worked)


    They eat grass...

    They nap...

    They babysit...

    They roost...

    They take dust baths

    They snack...

    They are afraid of cows...

    They lay eggs!

    They "BALK" really loud (and yell at cows)...

    They still roost...

    They pose for pictures...

    They have different combs...




    They are normally a delight, but sometimes have to be imprisoned for attacking others...


    Each day is a new adventure and I am glad we didn't get a dog!

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  1. linseylew4409
    Yes, blondiebee, I thought of Petrie also!
  2. linseylew4409
  3. AlicesSilkies
    Scramble, amazing name!!! I love all of this thankyou soo muchly!!
  4. TW1Kell
    I have 40 chickens, they also "peck dogs", "peck cats"...etc. They know that they have back-up from the "Big Rooster", namely me. haha They take so much advantage of it, too. Very nice thread, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  5. blondiebee181
    Ahaha! I have an RIR named Ginger....and my BR is named Petrie! You got the name "Littlefoot" from Land Before Time right?
  6. dragonchild
    Our two RIRs are Ruby and Rosy, but Ruby may soon be called dinner! She's very aggressive--to people! Always heard RIRs were nice tempered, but someone forgot to tell Ruby. My one Buff Orpington, Goldy, is gentle and sweet, and the as-yet-unnamed Silver-Laced Wyandottes (5) and Speckled Sussex (3) are very personable. The Sussex are the sweetest things--next time I get chicks, I'm adding more Sussex (and Americaunas--I miss the green & blue eggs!)
    Love your photo journal. What lovely, sweet ladies (including their person)!
  7. craftydrae
    very very cute! I started with six and with in a month or so, ended up with 30! LOL ;) The best pets EVER! p.s We also have two cats and a dog...lol
  8. StarLover21
    Aww....I have one that looks EXACTLY like your EE :)
  9. jchny2000
    You made me giggle, thank you :)
    Sweet girls, all of them, you should be very proud!
  10. awesomechicken
    i love the names.
    ( but i will always think that dogs are beter though.)

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