No waste chick feeder build

By blackdog043 · Mar 19, 2019 ·
  1. blackdog043
    I built this no waste chick feeder, from information contained in the thread link below.

    The feeder is free standing and is not top heavy at all. I don't have it fastened to the platform that it sits on.

    What you will need, to build this feeder.

    Plastic chick feeder base
    3" x 2" PVC reducer
    2" PVC coupling cut in half (what I used, cost .67 cents) or 1 1/2 - 2 inch piece of 2" PVC
    3" PVC pipe, your choice of how long. I made mine about 20".

    No waste chick feeder build 1.jpg

    I didn't have any 2" PVC pipe around and didn't want to buy a 2' piece($5.00) for a 2 inch or so piece needed, so I bought a 2" coupling(.67 cents), cut it in half and duct taped it to the reducer. Sometimes I'm frugal or cheap haha. If you use 2" PVC pipe to put inside the adapter it would be a little less work.
    Nowaste chick feeder build 6.jpg

    The adapter, taped to the end of the reducer.
    No waste chick feeder build 8.jpg

    Next, I ground down the threads using a dremel sanding disc in the chick feeder base, so the piece above would go inside, but fit snug. This actually worked well with the tape, because I could adjust how far down the adapter will go into the feeder base and not move. So being frugal kinda worked on my side. You could probably put duct tape around the bottom of the reducer, for this to work the same way, if you used 2" PVC instead.
    No waste chick feeder build 4.jpg

    Put the adapter inside the feeder and adjust how far down you want the tube. I made it so the feed will fill about half way up the bottom base. You may have to make adjustments on height after your chicks use this, to make sure enough or not to much feed fills the base.
    No waste chick feeder build 2.jpg

    No waste chick feeder build 3.jpg

    Feed about half way up the base, keeps the chicks from billing feed out.
    No Waste Chick Feeder 2.jpg

    Finished product. I had this 3" PVC test plug, so I used it to cap the top off. It's easier than taking a regular PVC cap off.
    No waste Chick feeder build 5.jpg

    After a full day of 11 chicks using the feeder, there is hardly any feed on the platform.
    No Waste Chick feeder 3.jpg

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    This looks simple to do - a real plus in my book! No super special tools needed and minimal cost - Perfect!
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