NorCal's 8'x8' Coop (Laurie & Russell)

Foundation & Sub Floor

Frame for One Wall With Main Door

Four Walls Up & Windows In

Siding & Roof Trusses Up! Chicken Wire Over Two Vinyl Windows (cheap from Craigslist!)

Part of Roof frame and siding up.

Roof with added front & back eaves and roof vent. Roofing from employer @ 75% off (damaged packaging!).

Painted the walls for easy clean-up.
Interior paint - free, left behind by previous homeowner.
Rafters left unpainted, roof vent to hopefully help keep it cooler.

Roost & chicken door.

Linoleum for easy clean-up also (I installed it!!). Russell added the quarter round (little baseboard) to help ensure edges stay down for years to come (hopefully!). :0)

One lil Baby who is about 5 times that size now. Oh dear.....