The Guy Who Started Our Chicken Adventures


This is one of our 4 cats, Lewis, and he strolled into the back yard with a small bundle of feathers in his mouth a around mid-August 2009....


And this is the little gal he slobbered over - we think she was about 2 days old and after a bit of sugar water she perked right up. We set up a large plastic container for her with chick feed and water and she did great. We were going to give her to our friend who has chickens but couldn't give her up as she was too cute! Brad started on the coop design and when I came home the next day a second chick had joined her - during the next few days two more chicks mysteriously appeared...

Lexie loves baby animals and she could not believe we brought her new babies to watch over! We are now one big happy family with 5 cats, 2 dogs & 4 chicks - we never leave Lexie (or the cats) alone with them but she will sit and watch them intently as we go about our business in the laundry room. If they fly up to the edge of the plastic crate she lays down and gazes up at them. Here they are at 1 week old...they are frightful gossips!


"He said WHAT??? That Roo!!"

The gal (we hope!) who started it all - we don't know if she is a guinea fowl or a chicken as our neighber behind us has both and our neighbor behind and to the left has lots of different chickens too. Whatever she is, she sure is cute.

Here are the chickens at 4 weeks old - they outgrew the plastic tub and took over my laundry room so it was necessary to get them outside as soon as possible - what a terrible mess! They love cucumber vines and get them every day.
Brad chats with the 5 week old chickens in their new home - considerably roomier than the plastic tub!


And here they are in their yard at last...