Nothing But Scrap Wood

By Tammy N · Sep 3, 2012 · Updated Sep 3, 2012 · ·
  1. Tammy N
    Describe 'Nothing But scrap wood' here
    8x7 with 7 nest boxes that are 13x13x15t completely made out of extra wood we bought for siding its not yet finished but tomarrow it will be
    we hens the run is a 12x12 right now its 12x7ft the hens 9 of them are 6 weeks old . 1 6 mo and 2 4 mo D bramas .
    Mixed full breeds but fun to watch chosen for temperment ,beauty and dual use .eggs and Fly tying . Yes i make my own fly fishing lures .
    the floor inside coop is cement with hay the window is an old window we put in new 5 yrs ago and im a recycler i just cant throw good junk away LOL. everything but the door henges and 5 g bucket are used. I know people say i am a penny pincher but that saved more money for the hens so i could get them some great non gmo organic food i could of anyway but if you knew my family where the ones who invented copper you would understand ..... my 2 great aunts pinched pennies so bad they invented copper . Winks enjoy i do and so do the girls also we may make a second one for the front yard when this one is out of grass so we can replant and keep our girls up on good greenery from the yard and garden ,



    [​IMG]After Pics

    [​IMG]OOPS I lied I had no idea he was not done New work for the inside I think Over kill but he thinks just right .............[​IMG]

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  1. Tammy N
    we where just given a sign that says " FRESH EGGS" its an antique but the hens wont know LOL
  2. Tammy N
    I Just hope its big enough for 12 girls
  3. Tammy N
    Thanks Ray Girl do you have photos ?,
    Stephnet Our inside floor is 12x12 cement blocks then what mark had as left over cement for a job LOL its solid . we have thought about chickens for a long time worried about my cats the on in avatar is just a baby there , but when the main girl licked a turkey i thought great hes gonna say she is just tasting it . but he said OK you can have chickens and my friend who hatched eggs for me till 5 weeks of age has Quail and mark loves Quail eggs so does my parrot dog and cats ... I'm the one who cleans them so i kinda will say im mutual love them and hate them LOL . hes done alot of work on it for being so rotten with me for 12 yrs .
  4. Stephnet
    Interesting as I used repurposed items for my coop too....only cost I had in it was 49.00 for the flooring, everything else was from either what I had or my friend had. I love how you have the steps and levels for the chickens. I keep my water poop free as I hang it off the floor, so they have to walk up to it to drink out of it, and it is higher then their butts.
  5. raygirl4386
    Tammy N i use a 5gal bucket with chicken nipples in the bottom,the whole 5 gals stays clean, I only wash it out once a week. your coop is very nice
  6. Tammy N
    I also changed the water and am making a 5g water er now but how to keep the poop out any ideas ? i am changing it 5 times a day. Just the bottom part though since the 2 gallon is clean
  7. Stumpy

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