. You will not find anything fancy in my coop. It was an 8x10 horse stall that has been revamped to house my chickens
coopdoor.jpg The first project was to cut a hole throught the metal siding and build a ramp into the pen area. The run is circular with 6 foot wire attached to cedar posts. Boards line the bottom edge and are sunken into the ground. Unfortunately I did not consider that this was the north side of the barn. It works well in the summer.....but in the winter the chickens need a windbreak on the backside of the ramp fence.
coopdoor2.jpg Interior of door, simple construction. The 2x4's have a notch cut out just slightly thicker than the plywood siding door panel. A block of wood was added for a handle and a J hook and eye to keep the door open during the day time. Old hanging feeder frees up floor space.
I do want to drill a hole through the door and wall, so I can added a pin into the hole. Insuring that the door is not able to be opened from the outside at night, incase a preditor does find it's way into the connecting pen.

nestboxes.jpg Redneck, but the hens like them! Milk crates fastened to a board on the back side, then attached to the wall. Board added across the front to keep the eggs in the nest box. Roof flashing connected to the wall with another piece of board, keeps the hens from roosting over the boxes. Nest boxes are on the inside west wall, they are in the darkest part of the coop.
roost.jpg Roost on east side of coop. Nice morning light in the winter and it has a light breeze most of the summer. Plywood drop board saves a lot of clean out time as most of the dropping are on the board. Sapplings were used as roosts at first and later changed to 2x2's. The sapplings were too slippery for the birds to roost on comfortably.
The window over the roost is hinged at the top and tips out at the bottom. It can be left open even on rainy days without the roost getting wet.
Main door to the outside is plastic coated 1x1 welded wire. It is solid enough that I feel comfortable leaving it open most days.
Home to 3 chickens last year....now 12 this year. Addition coop and plans in the works for the showgirls.