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Nourahms Member Page

By nourahm · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. nourahm
    Hello Everyone
    This is our coop. I posted more details on my page...http://babasoasis.com/urban-poultry-farm?start=1, but here are the pics for my BYC friends! It's 8'x16' with an optional chicken wire split down the middle to accomadate our Buffs (BO) & Reds (RIR).
    It is a simple sturdy scruture that uses the shade and partial sun to warma nd cool the area.

    Food & Water is inside but against the front wall. This helps keeps the coop dry and we use a homemade 5 gallon bucket and pan for the automatic feeders. We change their water twice a day and during the summer we float a large chunk of ice in their water, so keeping it near their doors provides for easier access.

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