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Novatoboness Member Page

  1. novatobones
    We have one:
    - White Crested Black Polish (Romie aka Rome-A-Dome)
    - Rhode Island Red (Ruby, of course, aka Rube-A-Dube)
    - Ameraucana (Chickadee aka Chickers) - saved from bobcat 8/11
    - Welsummer (Chip)
    - Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben (Hazel) - saved from bobcat 3/11
    - Cuckoo Maran (Pepper)
    - Iowa Blue (Niblet aka Nibbies)
    - Silver Laced Wyandotte (Bessie)

    RIP - We had and miss:
    - Barred Plymouth Rock (Psyche) - cat 2007
    - Silver Spanged Appenseller Spitzhauben (Gertie) - cat 2007
    - Speckled Sussex (Lucy aka Lulubelle) - probably a bobcat 2010
    - Bantam Old English Game Hen (Goldie) - hawk 2008
    - California White (Grace aka Gracie) - Marek's Disease 11/11

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