This our brand new coop my husband built. We just love it! So do our 22 "girls". My husband has a sawmill so he did everything, from cutting down the logs then into dimensional lumber and building it.

We are going to put an iron hen on the door.

These are our "girls"-they are Golden Comets and they really are so sweet. There eggs are large and brown and we get several double yokers a week. My neighbors that buy our eggs also told me thay have found some triple yokers!

My husband put a sliding door in for them-we can shut it from outside the coop by a pulley. My daughter who is 6 especially likes this feature. The hens seem to love it too.

Here we are with friends from church setting the first two walls. It doesn't look like much but my husband assured me that me and the chickens would love it. (He was right) Notice the linolium we put down for easy cleaning it works great!

The work was taking awhile and it looks like the girls caught a case of chicken fever.

The run measures 20 x 40 feet. The building is 12 x 8 feet.

This is inside our coop. We have a 12 hole nesting box and two roosting poles. We put their food and water on short logs to keep it up off the floor instead of hanging like some do and it has worked great. We use pine shavings on the floor. The coffee can keeps the girls from getting in the food from the top. Growing up we never had chickens and this has been such a fun experience. WE LOVE OUR EGGS!