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Noyolks Chicken Coop With Progress Pictures

By noyolk, Jan 11, 2012 | | |
  1. noyolk
    This our brand new coop my husband built. We just love it! So do our 22 "girls". My husband has a sawmill so he did everything, from cutting down the logs then into dimensional lumber and building it. [​IMG]
    We are going to put an iron hen on the door.[​IMG]
    These are our "girls"-they are Golden Comets and they really are so sweet. There eggs are large and brown and we get several double yokers a week. My neighbors that buy our eggs also told me thay have found some triple yokers![​IMG]
    My husband put a sliding door in for them-we can shut it from outside the coop by a pulley. My daughter who is 6 especially likes this feature. The hens seem to love it too.[​IMG]
    Here we are with friends from church setting the first two walls. It doesn't look like much but my husband assured me that me and the chickens would love it. (He was right) Notice the linolium we put down for easy cleaning it works great!
    The work was taking awhile and it looks like the girls caught a case of chicken fever. [​IMG]
    The run measures 20 x 40 feet. The building is 12 x 8 feet. [​IMG]
    This is inside our coop. We have a 12 hole nesting box and two roosting poles. We put their food and water on short logs to keep it up off the floor instead of hanging like some do and it has worked great. We use pine shavings on the floor. The coffee can keeps the girls from getting in the food from the top. Growing up we never had chickens and this has been such a fun experience. WE LOVE OUR EGGS!

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  1. Chicken Egg 17
    Very nice coop
  2. Chicken Egg 17
  3. Chicken Egg 17
  4. crazychicken5
    are golden comets the same as red sex links?
  5. OldHen13
    Very nice!!
  6. baldessariclan
    It looks like you did a wonderful job...Enjoy!
  7. noyolk
    Thank you all for your kind remarks! It's a real honor.
    This was a rewarding project. It works well. We've haven't lost any hens to predators..
    Some random thoughts:)
    *A flat roof can generate a lot of lift in heavy winds.. Use metal clips to secure roof to walls.
    * I got the hinges at harbor freight for cheap..
    * If you use a sliding door/pulley, make sure it's a heavy board. Coons will lift a light door with ease.
    * let the bottom of the fence in the ground at least a few inches to prevent undermining critters.
    * use pressure treated runners as the foundation.
    * Don't allow your chicks to go under the building! Seal it up with some lumber.
    * I found that roofing felt and pine shavings under the roost made cleaning under roost easy. I pick up one end and pull it out the door and into wheelbarrow. The roofing felt is re-used many times before I cut another piece.
    * I used White pine for my siding and poplar for the frame and joists.( Hemlock would be a great choice for siding material due to its resistance to moisture. The downside to hemlock is that bees love to chew on it....Until it dries that is... It turns ROCK hard and very durable.
    There's more pics in my profile page that show more.
    Everything I know about happy chickens, I owe to Backyard Chickens!
  8. Mellow1
    Really like the look of board and bat....great job!
  9. Acornewell
    I SO LOVE your coop!
  10. DianaMallory
    NICE! I hope you are open to suggestions. I highly recommend putting in poop boards under your roost! I just did a mini spring clean on my new coop and I say mini because I didn't hose everything down. But I replaced all my bedding and changed the sweet PDZ on the poo boards. I can't believe how much cleaner and easier to keep clean my new coop is compared to my last one. I have a mixed flock this time. In the past I only had Golden comets and their egg production was much like yours. I only have 4 in this flock. And I wish I would have stuck to the Comets. In the future as these girls stop or slow down their egg production they will be replaced with Golden Comets. Nice coop perfect choice of egg producers! Add the poo boards!

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