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    This is my coop. It is made from mostly recycled materials. I live in suburban Southern CA so I do not need to worry much about weather or animals. I am a fort builder not a carpenter (yes, I know the rafters are supposed to be the other way but I chose to do it that way instead) and I have had a lot of fun finding creative ways to make the most of the materials that I have. The floor/foundation is actually an old treehouse roof from Craig's list that I tore the shingles off of. The siding is my neighbor's old fence as well as more old fence thanks to the "free stuff" section of Criag's list. I had to buy the studs, hardware, corrugated fiberglass for the roof and wire for the run and windows. The basic design is based on the coop we had when I was growing up, but this is a smaller (cuter) version. I have six hens: Oreo (barred rock) Henny Penny (rhode island red) Chipmunk and Loretta (ee's) Sunny and Chicken Little (buff orpingtons)
    The front door. The nesting boxes are just inside to the right to make for easy egg collecting.
    The whole thing and DH in the background :) There is also a raised garden bed behind the run. I plan on adding more and making the whole area around the coop a veggie garden with raised cedar beds and mulch paths.
    The run
    Oreo in the door.
    DD watching the chickens

    My three little peeps on a very hot day during the early stages of construction.

    Front door. It came out a little crooked but it still works you just have to lift and kick it a little to get it to close tight [​IMG]

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  1. karenerwin
    "Not much information about building the coop"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 3, 2018
    What a cute little coop! I could build that using pallet wood.
    I was disappointed that there wasn't more information about how to build it, so I could try to recreate it.

    I like that you were able to get a lot of things free from Craig's list. What a good use for the roof of the treehouse (or whatever you said it was) that you used as the floor of the coop.
    I got a giggle out of your description of how to open/close the door!
    Even though you live in California, I am still concerned that you used chicken wire to cover the run. I am pretty sure that raccoons live in CA and I know there are cats and dogs that sometimes get out or roam around. Raccoons for sure don't have any problems tearing through chicken wire.

    Thanks for sharing your coop with us.


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  1. lwiese58
    Just gotta say this is super cute!!

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