The Coop is 16ft x 8 ft wide, height is 8ft in the front dropping to 7ft in the back. The run is 14ft x 20ft with netting covering the top. This picture was take before we explaned the run. I'd never been around chickens or Coops before so I just built what I thought the chickens would like. They seem to love it. Its easy to clean because you can stand up and walk all the way thur it. The entire building is screwed together so we add onto it easly. Just unsrcew one end and add what ever you want. I have it wired for electric, 4 outlets 3 of which are on a switch by the door, 1 that is hot all the time with a 4ft shop light hanging in the middle ceiling of the coop. Not quite done yet but getting there.

Side Veiw.

Inside of Coop.