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  1. crazypetlady
    Here are the prizes so far for our NYE bash

    2- $25.00 Home Depot Cards
    1 - $10.00 Starbucks Card

    SPRING - (2) - a dozen hens choice eggs
    1- dzn Serama,
    1- dzn hens choice OEGB
    2- dzn Hens Choice SQ Silkie eggs

    1 - Meal Worm Frenzy Chicken Treat 10 oz
    1 - Standard Duty Brooder Light
    5 - Packages GroJel

    Brinsea Ecoglo Brooder http://www.brinsea.com/prod-EcoGlow_Chick_Brooder-239.aspx

    CJWaldon Winners Choice from her swap page
    CUSTOM MADE Pullover Dog PJ's with sleeves

    DMRippy-I can do a Starter kit of Mealworms! 1,000 total Mealworms, pupae and beetles and some wheat bran for them to live in!
    6 Wheaten Ameraucanas (Blue and Black) and 6 Blue Black and Splash Copper Marans

    Daloorashens- Eggs CHOICE OF French Blue/Black Copper Marans, Wh/BW Ameraucaunas and EE's/OE's

    KraftyLadies-1 DZ WHITE ORPINGTON eggs

    caj85- Eggs from any of the following breeds. HEN'S Choice. In the spring,LF Salmon Faverolle, Black Sumatra, the Arkansas Blues and possibly Mottled Houdan. Sicilian Buttercup Bantams.

    Madamwlf- 6 Tolbuts Eggs Spring
    6- Chocolate bantam Orp eggs - Spring

    WVstruttin - Spring Shipping
    6 turkey eggs (will be narragansett, bourbon red, blue slate/self blue, bronze, royal palms, or a combination of said breeds)
    12 silkie eggs ( black, white, blue/blue partridge, partridge, red, or a combination of said breeds)

    mzstre- Basque Eggs and BLRW eggs Foley line

    Cluckitall- 6 Cuckoo Marans Eggs

    Mrsmooncat- 6+ choice of eggs
    Mealworm starter kit

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