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I hope this may help people trying to identify their chicks. I will continue to add as I get pics of different chicks.

Barred Rock female chick

Black Jersey Giant Chick

New Hampshire Chick

Golden Laced Wyandotte Chick

Welsummer Chick

Production Red Chicks

Buff Orpington Chicks

Light Brahma Chick

Buff Brahma Chick

Black Australorp Chick

Appenzellar Spitzhauben Chick

Mille Fleur D'Uccle Chick

Golden Sebright Chick

Tetra Tint Chicks

Blue Cochin Bantam Chicks

Silver Laced Wyandotte Chick

Delaware Chick

Barnyard Mix Chicks

Another Barnyard Mix Chick


Mallards again, 2 are Restricted Gene

Barred Muscovy Ducklings

Buff Orpington Ducklings

Cayuga Ducklings