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By LeeO · Dec 11, 2012 · Updated Apr 20, 2013 · ·
  1. LeeO


    Our latest addition to our small 31+ acre hobby farm here in the Ozarks.

    The ground breaking. Our 3 sons were a big help digging the holes for the posts. The youngest was probably bringing us lemonade from the house :)

    Basic frame 10'x10'. We sealed the floor to help preserve it.

    Added the roof frame 12'x12' with an approximate 1' overhang all the way around.

    Metal roof installed and the interior partition wall is in place. We are leaving a 3'x10' entry area for the food storage.

    Interior partition wall complete.

    We installed 6 nesting boxes that will have outside access for egg collection.

    Our 8 year old painting.

    Our 11 year old painting.

    Our 13 year old painting.

    We are ready to install the access door (1"x12"x6' pine board) for the nesting boxes..

    The access door to the nesting boxes is installed. We are thinking about placing a "Fresh Eggs" sign above the door once we find the one my wife and I can agree on :)

    Inside view of the nesting boxes.

    The roost has a total of 12' of roosting space using 3 each 1" diameter by 4' long dowel rods for a more natural foot grip to provide enough space for those that may be claustrophobic and want to sleep alone :)

    Not shown is the hanging waterer and directly to the right is a homemade pvc feeder that can be filled without entering the coop.

    The coop is almost done and now we need to start working on the attached 20'x20' chicken run.

    My mom and sister came to visit so they jumped in and lent a helping hand as well.

    Look at daddy's little helpers!

    They are so proud of our accomplishment.

    Time to cut the tops of all the posts and install the center post, framework, and wire over the top of the run.

    The girls and Slick (our Brown Leghorn Rooster) have almost 600 square feet. A 500 sq ft run counting the 100 sq ft that is under the 10'x10' coop. 1"x4" trim boards around the doors, windows, corner, and top. We left a 1 1/2" vent all the way around the top of the coop for ventilation. Placed vinyl down inside the 3'x10' entry way/dry storage area. The windows are 18"x24" heavy plexiglas. We attached a separate latch to the door to keep it open to help prevent the flock from overheating on those hot summer days. The run is 7 feet high and is now fully enclosed. I had 2 extra pressure treated 2x4's left over so I made a "field goal shaped" roost for them to play on out in the run. I recently added a solar powered automatic door and built a small awning above the door to prevent snow and ice build up from preventing it's proper operation.

    We bought this kit and made some modifications to it by adding some skids and a pull rope. This is where they spent the first 3 months of their lives and now it sits behind the main coop and will be used as a brooder, we are planning to hatch out and raise some additional chicks to increase our flock this spring.

    Slick, the undisputed "Cock of the Walk"

    Thanks for viewing our family project!!!

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  1. Maria's Chickens
    "Outstanding Coop and Run!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Aug 27, 2018
    Beautiful coop and run. A lot of family effort went into this. You all did a wonderful job!
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  1. triciap
    Do you have your measurements and supply list?
  2. Herdcutter
    I know it's been some time since your Coop was built. However, I am wondering how it's going and if you've made any changes. I really like your design. I would not have a raise floor. I want to have ours on the ground so I can use a deep method compost in the coop. So how has your floor done?

    I'm in Michigan and we have winters. So the floor thing is a big deal I believe.

    I love your Coop design. Your run is nice and big!
    Laura G
  3. Thomas Munger
    You wouldn't have the blueprints for this master piece? This would work perfect for me!!
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    1. triciap
      Wondering the same? Supply list?
  4. bajabirdbrain
    I love the outside access to inside nesting boxes! Will incorporate that into our coop for sure.
  5. knjinnm
    Very nice!!
  6. Corazon Ranch
    Wow! What a beauty! Can you tell me how many roofing panels you used? It looks like 6 or 7 from the photos.
  7. vkyzar
    how did you attach hardware cloth and chicken wire?
  8. jtbass2756
    You have certainly thought of everything as you constructed you coop with your family. That is one of the greatest parts to me....your entire family participated. The only thing I would have changed is the dowels for the roosting. Chickens don't grasp and hold on...the rest on their feet and keep the tucked under them to keep them warm (away from frostbite) and safe (away from rodents etc). Other than that....I'm planning to improve my coop this spring using tips from your coop. AWESOME coop and AWESOME family.
  9. Teena Marie
    Very nice coop. And lots of great help making it. Good job!
  10. LeeO
    Thanks for all your comments and a big thanks to BYC for selecting one of our pics for your photo of the week.
    The chickens have been in there for about 14 months now and we are not seeing any issues with roosting so there are no plans to change that as of yet but I am always looking for something to improve on around our little hobby farm so you never know, lol.
    Thanks again all for your great comments and feedback.
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  11. wvWyandotte
    Great looking coop!! No worries, you always find something you want to modify a little, I have a few changes I'd like to make with mine also!
  12. new chick 203
    Looks really great. I" diameter for the roost is way too skinny though. You'll be wanting to upgrade that. Well done.
  13. Troy6671
    Super nice set up. You should all be proud!
  14. Studio2770
    Awesome coop! We still have to paint ours, just primer.
  15. chickenlily13
    Nice! How many birds do you have?
  16. Bullitt
    That is a very nice coop and run.
    I see your rooster is a Rose Comb Brown Leghorn. What breeds are your hens?
  17. chickenpooplady
    Amazing! Congrats on CC-POW!
  18. 20736
    Probably the best part of chicken keeping is the family togetherness it fosters. You and the boys should be so proud of what you have done here. Enjoy it for many, many years.
      NhRN likes this.
  19. joan1708
    Very nice coop. I love the color. looks well thought out. The roosts surprised me. Dowels have been discouraged in other posts. Are they working well for you?
  20. Whittni
    Looks great!
  21. ChickenAndMore
    Your coop is awesome much better than the kit you bought.
  22. chickenluver555
    wow great coop! and congratulations
  23. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the Chicken Coop - Picture of the Week. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process
  24. LeeO
    Thanks Ginger,
    No, I put paintable exterior caulk around the trim and like I told my wife if it ever does get wet then I will add a small awning over the collection door. So far no issues and it has been in use for 10 months now.
  25. Chickens R Us
    I like your nest boxes, this is exactly how I want mine. One question though does it ever get wet in the nest boxes?
  26. LeeO
    Thanks. I do have snakes in the area but I have yet to have an issue with any dining on my chicks or eggs.
  27. knjinnm
    Very nice.
    Do you have any snakes in the area?
  28. LeeO
    Thanks. We also open the run door on weekends when we are home to let the chickens free range a bit and last weekend my wife had to run a hawk off that swooped down and was trying to kill one of our hens in the yard. I am now going to cover the entire run and make sure we only let them free range when we are outside working to keep an eye on them.
  29. MarcoPollo
    I like this coop and run. It is very similar to ours. We put deer netting over the run to keep the hawks out.
  30. LeeO
    Thanks Billy!
  31. billyb
    One of my favorites on this site!
  32. LeeO
    Thanks Ken!
  33. emarketwiz
    Very nice coop!
  34. LeeO
    Thanks Nancy!
  35. coolcanoechic
  36. LeeO
    Thanks Stumpy.
  37. Stumpy
    Very, very nice!
  38. LeeO
    Thanks! We looked at several coops on this site before we decided what we were actually going to build. Our only regret is that we put the egg collection on the side facing the house and it has a dusk to dawn light shining on it in case we needed to send the boys out to collect eggs late in the evening. We now wish the run and chicken door were on that side so that we could help protect the flock from predators more easily. We had a raccoon issue a little while back. Hence the need for an automatic door.
  39. plund
    ok, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's coop, but sometimes you just can't help it. This is very nice. Congratulations, you will be happy with this for a long time, partly because you built it big to start. Good job, Pam
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