Hi everyone --- my name is Oaknim and I'm half-Korean and the first born, which means I get the Korean name (my brother and sister have "American" names). Anyways, I live on 4 acres in Kansas and run a farm animal rescue with my husband, Josh. We have two children, an 18 month-old Holy terror of a son, Leviathan, and a 4 year-old daughter, Lillianna, who likes to act angelic, but is just as naughty as her brother. I am also a vegan and am trying my hand at an organic garden...which thanks to our bizarre weather is all dead.
Our list of animals includes...
7 dogs, all spayed and neutered - a boxer named Oscar, a terrier named Ace, a chihuahua named Itchy, a great pyrenees/lab mix named Mo, two blue heeler/pointer mixes named Bindi and Sparrow, and a terrier/? mix named Candy.
11 cats, half are spayed/neutered, the rest are feral and hate me - Barn Kitty, Owl, Limbo, ABCD, Pepper, Geisha, Don Lino, Pumpkin, Jasmine, Liger, and Beep.
One rabbit - Pepsi (mini rex) Our other rabbit was killed by the neighbor's roaming dog who also destroyed my hutch - thanks! R.I.P. Honey Bunny!!!
Three donkeys - Hannah, Lucy and Tornado (Lucy's little jack)
A crippled paint/quarterhorse gelding - Steak.
Four goats - Number 5 (Nubian wether), Bugsy (Nubian wether), Ricochet (LaMancha wether) and Maggie (Toggenburg doe). Maggie is a special needs goat.
Two lavender guineas - Mama and Papa.
Four roosters - Big Daddy (RIR), Frostbite (RIR), Muffin (Wyandotte?), and Ziggy(Barred Rock).
Eleven hens - 4 Australorps (Gidget, Midget, Fidget, Bridget), 1 Barred Rock (Peep peep - she's my baby!), 6 Americaunas (Elvira, Ollie, Mollie, Sal-pal, Purr-gurl, Bawk)
One Australorp/RIR pullet - Jo Crow
53 chicks - Buff Brahma, Blue Cochin, Salmon Faverolle, Golden Laced Polish, Black Jersey Giant, Buff Orpington, Blue Andalusian, Aracauna, Dominique, Black Minorca, Rhode Island Red, and 3 of an unidentified breed I can't quite figure out right now.
6 Pekin ducks - Quacks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 - I'm terribly original!
4 Toulouse geese - Figaro, Ribbon, Kapow and Kachow.
And the two kids and hubby. :eek:)