Ocala Florida Chicken Ordinance

Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
Max Chickens Allowed
Roosters AllowedNo
Permit RequiredNo
Coop RestrictionsKeep poultry at least 150 feet of any residence other than that of the animal's owner
City/Organization Contact name
Additional InformationSec. 14-36. Keeping of livestock or poultry. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person, other than the city or another governmental entity, to keep any livestock or poultry within 150 feet of any residence other than that of the animal\\\'s owner unless: (1) Such practice is expressly allowed by chapter 122 (the zoning ordinance); or (2) All of the following requirements are met: a. Such practice is not prohibited by chapter 122; b. The occupants of such other residences consent in writing to such practice. Such consent may be revoked in writing by any such occupant on not less than 30 days written notice in which event the keeping of the livestock must cease; and c. The owner of the livestock does not violate the other provisions of this chapter (including, without limitation, those concerning nuisances). (b) Penalties. A violation of this section shall be punished in accordance with the schedule of fines listed in section 14-33.
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