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October 25 2011

By carolsaucier · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. carolsaucier
    Wow, how our flock has changed., we now have 13 ladies. We were blessed by members Itzazoo and FLChickens with 3 hens to replace some of the girls killed by neighbors dog. Thanks again. One or the new hens is crippled and "wobbles" when she walks so named Wobble and is one of the sweetest birds we have had. We have not been able to determine why, but 3 of our l girls simply laid down and died within hours. No outward signs of illness, just sleepy, then dead. We have added a Black Cooper Maran "Shimmer" and 2 EE, 2 OE, and 2 Americanas. The OE and Americaunas are still too young to lay,. Our granddaughter, Mama Erin will visit her girls for Christmas and she is hoping they will lay her multi colored eggs for breakfast.

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