I raise Marans in Black Copper,Blue Copper,Cuckoo,White,Black and Blue,and Bantam Marans~black and cuckoo, Right now I have 36 adults and numerous chicks.
3 Ameracauna ~White and Black, 3 Auracauna~tufted and rumpless black, 7 Serama, 1 Japanese Bantam,several miscellaneous bantam, 2 Lovely Old Lady EE's, A pair of cute tufted ducklings that I always forget the name of, and 5 of my favorite Pekin Ducks. One now lonely white guinea.
We own a 10 acre farm in Ohio and have four horses, one mini horse, a bunch of dogs,too many cats, One Pure Nubian and I am the mother of five children. Ages 5,7,8,15 and 20!
I love organing gardening,gooood cooking and raising my animals as free range as I can.