Hello! Just wanted to take an opportunity to introduce myself. I am Maggie and my husband who also browses the forums is Todd. We are from a beautiful rural area in NW North Carolina. We are surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Todd and I both share a mutual love for the area in which we live. It is definitely a lifestyle choice but we never regret having made it. I am an OB nurse and the Perinatal Educator for one of our regions hospitals. I also make and sell Moravian-style Chicken Pies using a recipe handed down from my grandfather. Todd quit his job in October of '10 to start farming full time. He is currently planting a myriad of organic vegetable to sell to co-ops and the farmers market. We have a 2 year old son that shares our passion for animals and the outdoors. Henry is the light of our life and we are so happy that he gets to grow up in such a peaceful, positive environment.
I love farm animals. I want one of everything! Unfortunately we are working with limited pasture space, so we have to exercise some self-control. We currently have 3 donkeys and 3 horses. We hope to have a goat this summer and possible a dexter cow later on.
Now on to what you really want to know about - our chickens!
We have 2 silkies (a pair) that we bought at an auction in the winter. Their names are puff and poof. I'm hoping to hatch them out some buddies in my next hatch.
On Feb 18th we had our first hatch. We hatched out 11 amerucana chicks - 5 black, 6 lavendar. It was so much fun and I am now officially addicted!!





Todd bought me a Hovabator for my b-day. We currently have Blue Birchen and Copper Blue Marans, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, and Coronation Sussex in the bator. 21 days is up on April 2nd. Can't wait!!