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By CCRabbetts · Apr 8, 2014 · ·
  1. CCRabbetts
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    Well it all starts the same, I bought baby chickens and now they are far too large for their brooder...So it is time for a coop!
    I wanted something bigger than the minimum requirements but I didn't want to spend a million dollars! So I sat down and made plans for my ideal chicken coop. Four hours later I had created a masterpiece, with nesting boxes build in, two levels, latches and doors out the wazoo. Once I started to go through and do my material list it came out to be a little too much than what I wanted to spend. So I came up with a better, more simple and cheaper plan. So we started with six pieces of OSB, 14 - 8' 2x4, 50 feet of chicken wire, paint, a whole lot of 3" screws, roofing material and man power. In the end it cost me $250.[​IMG][​IMG]


    It isn't all the way done yet, I still have some painting and I want to build a stairway and second level shelf for them behind the barn. But so far I love my coop and my chickens.

    Sunni - Speckled Sussex
    Scrambles - Easter Egger
    Sanders (Sandi) - Blue Cochin
    Senna - White Silkie
    Sage - Silkie

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    Nice job on this easy to build, budget friendly coop.
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  1. YardBirdMom
    That is adorable!! I love it! Can't wait to see the second level :)
  2. CCRabbetts
  3. teneyck farms
    goog job like the paint veryy creative
  4. CrazyChookLady5
    love the paintings!!

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