Hello and thank you for stopping in.
I just wanted to mention that I was very happy to have stumbled upon this site because I was able to get many chicken tractor ideas here. My chicken tractor is 4X10 with a large coop. My chicks and guinea keets are very happy living in these conditions. We are slowly introducing them to the "outside world" and hope to have them free range outside the cage for part of the day, some time soon.
I am so looking forward to fresh farm eggs of my own. I have been blessed enough to have a friend sell me her extras over the last couple of years, but it will be so exciting to collect my own.
I have added a special picture tonight. It is of our little unwelcome visitor. You can see him directly behind the chicken tractor sitting in the live trap. Hmmm interesting problem we had to solve!
We will add interesting pics now and again. So until then, enjoy your chickens!