I started out with a chicken tractor that I found on craigslist. The thing is a tractor in name only since it is as heavy as one, but there's no moving it without a few people to help.I have re-enforced the flimsy poultry netting with some garden wire I already had and I put a wire apron of the garden wire around the tractor to protect the chickens from what might try to dig underneath with some concrete blocks and stakes holding it in place. I then bought 5 started pullets that I also found on craigslist, two of which did not make it through the scorching heat wave we experianced. My three hens that remain ought to begin laying soon as their combs and wattles have begun to grow and redden. I have an Americana, or Easter Egger, and two Australorps.
I am hoping they will start laying soon.


There are three chickens here I swear!