Okiehens Hatching Eggs

By okiehen · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. okiehen
    Chickens I'm raising for hatching eggs
    Blue Andalusian
    Buff Orpington
    Golden Lakenvelders
    Barred Rock
    Wheaten Marans
    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
    Blue -Black Ameraucana
    Silver Spangled Bantam Hamburgs

    more pictures coming soon
    pick up or 2 day shipping on eggs
    Hatching eggs are available as long as the hens are laying.
    email or pm for available shipping dates.
    this is my email and pay pal [email protected]
    Hatching lots of my eggs, with great hatch rate.
    ((ATT: 4-6-11 all eggs are available hens are laying great )) check list

    ~~~ Hatching eggs available for spring 2011. updated eggs available now. ~~~
    Email me with the breed your interested in and I'll fill orders as request comes in.
    Prices as listed with shipping included except on breeds noted with this **** all orders will have extra eggs added but limited on the limited breeds.
    All prices are subjected to change this is a pre order list

    Breeds I have that are laying and should be laying any time

    Blue Andalusian for blue black splash chicks ( coop 1) - $25.00 a doz ~~~ Available now ~~~
    Golden Lakenvelder -$28.00 a doz ~~~ Available now~~~
    Welsummer- $30.00 a doz ~~~ Available Now~~~
    Barred rock - $24.00 a doz ~~~ Available now ~~~ production type hens great layers
    for 2011-
    Blue Andalusian for 100% blue chicks ( coop 2)6 plus $20.00 ~~~ Available now ~~~
    Buff Orpington - $24.00 a doz ~~~ Available now ~~~
    Wheaten Marans ( 6 plus extra ) $30.00 ~~~ Available now ~~~ $48.00 a doz ~~~
    Blue Laced Red Wyandottes ( Bill Braden line 6 eggs $30.00) ~~~ Available now ~~~ $48.00 a doz ~~~
    Blue- Black Ameraucana-$25.00 for 6 ~~~ limited to 6 for now ~~~ Available now ~~~
    Silver Spangled Hamburg Bantam -$30.00 a doz ~~~ still pullets size eggs~~~ available now ~~~
    Cross breed eggs-

    Easter egg cross- rooster is a EE from a blue egg over ee girls blue/ green to light olive also brown and white layers **** $25.00 a doz available now ~~~

    Thank you for looking ,I look forward to helping you fill you bators and get your hatching fix for 2011.

    I use the #07 large priority USPS box
    lots of bubble wrap.
    I'll have pictures of all of my birds as soon as the weather is better.
    Coming soon breeds for 2011
    Black and Red sex link true sex link chicks from eggs hens are barred and silver x welsummer rooster
    Chicks will hatch black pullets barred roosters red pullets white roosters.

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