Old Biddy Acres

By momdogz · Feb 19, 2012 · Updated Feb 19, 2012 · ·
  1. momdogz
    10 acres of beautiful mountain woodlands under the spine of the Green Mountains. We are completely off the grid with solar and wind, with backup generator. The chicken villa is the red roof furthest to the left; the woodshed is to the right of it, and then our beautiful octagonal house, built by my husband and his apprentice (me).

    When we're not at work (I'm a Nurse Educator at Fletcher Allen Health Care and President of Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, David is owner/contractor at David Walker Construction), we're at home with the organic gardens, chickens, dog and cats, surrounded by all kinds of wildlife.

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  1. AlienChick
    We are in the process of going off-grid.
  2. momdogz

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