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    I was raised on a farm. After many years of working alongside my wonderful husband in his construction company, remodeling 18 homes together, we finally found our "little piece of heaven" a small homestead that had been rented out for the past 20 + years in 2009. My husband and sons love me as they allowed me to drag them back to the small rural community where I was raised. My boys are naturals to farm-life, they just refuse to admit it.
    This has been a huge project. We moved the 2 story farmhouse to a new location and totally remodeled it, torn down and put back up outbuildings, restored the barn/shed. Planted a huge garden. Learned so much from good neighbors who love to laugh at me when I use the line, "Put the book says".

    My sweetheart calls the farm a work in progress. I just call it home. Through it all we have raised chickens. I love my girls. Don't let anyone know, but my boys do to. You should have seen my 6'2" hunk of a husband cradle the hens gently, helping to bath them in cool water during the drought this summer, helping them to survive days of 117 temps. Or my grown sons calling the hens "come on babies" when they help put them up. The farm have been good for all of us.

    I spend hours watching my flock. I presently have around 80 birds. I am trying to learn enough about poultry to raise heritage breeds and presently have heritage turkeys. I have helped set poultry projects in Africa and use my growing knowledge of flocks and homesteading to help others serving overseas become more self sufficient. I love talking chicken. Just got the Internet again after a 2 year break.
    I have traveled extensively but no sight is more amazing than sunset at our homestead.

    I am a Christian who loves her country. I use to ask God why He gave us the farm when we are getting on in years but
    it certainly has kept me young. I chose Old Farm Girl because I love this season of my life.. I love people more deeply as my time here gets shorter, and I am my father's daughter, a farm girl at heart. I will keep my opinions on faith and politics to myself in this format, but in order to describe Old Farm Girl, I must mention my faith in Jesus as it is the driving force in all I do. Be blessed.

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