Old shed becomes chicken coop

My coop so far.
By RAHChicks · Apr 25, 2018 · ·
  1. RAHChicks
    Around March 24, 2018 my husband and I decided to get chickens for eggs and to entertain our 2 year old daughter. We got 8 from TSC with the thought of 2 or 3 dying. That didn't happen. I had a cooler broader. That only lasted until they were 2 weeks old. KIMG0531.JPG KIMG0530.JPG

    As the chicks got bigger they were moved to a plastic tote. Our daughter read to them every chance she had.

    In our backyard was a rusty old metal shed with an old dog box inside. We cleaned it up. KIMG0596.JPG

    After painting we added a run that is 3 ft deep by 2 ft tall. The tops are hinged so we can get inside when needed. KIMG0602.JPG KIMG0637.JPG KIMG0639.JPG

    I dug a ditch around the outside to bury chicken wire so digging animals can't get in. KIMG0650.JPG

    We still have to do the inside but our daughter enjoys being in the run with the chicks! KIMG0654.JPG

    I will update this with inside pictures of before and after soon.

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  1. N F C
    I think your DD needs a bigger run! Seriously, I love seeing people re-purpose stuff. Do you have any photos of the inside?
    1. RAHChicks
      The inside is terrible right now. We will be in there this weekend
  2. Texas Kiki
    Thanks for sharing.
    The boxer :love

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