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    I heard roosters can live 10 to 15 years on average, a few mention up to 20 but that's really rare. I got intrigued & was looking through some world records of the oldest chicken and only found some info for a hen, but no rooster. Anybody know the world record for the oldest rooster? What's the oldest rooster you have had or known about? Please do tell stories and post pictures of your grandpa roosters if you so feel the desire.

    Ive got a middle aged one named Raven Wing. He hasnt shown any signs of slowing down but i can tell there's some 'handsome' aging in his face. Hes about 4 in this picture. He was the first rooster i kept for my hens. Even when he was very young, he always had these eyes like he was wise beyond his years and hes always acted that way too. Hes always been super kind to us as well as to his beloved hens. I know soon that look of an old wise soul going to spread from his eyes to the rest of his body, at which point i can simply just call him 'old and wise.'

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    Please post this as a thread. This is a great idea!
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