Olive Eggers Cross Breed Of Copper Black Marans Rooster And Ee Hen

By MaransGuy · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. MaransGuy
    This is a cross I made by using my Copper Black Marans Rooster over my EE Hen shown here:

    Her daughters, such as the one shown below:
    lay a beautiful Olive colored egg.

    When available, I list these eggs on E-Bay under the heading 'Olive-Eggers'. I typically ship the blue eggs that will hatch out the birds that lay the olive eggs. I can also ship olive eggs that will hatch birds that should lay a darker olive egg as well if available.

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  1. Dorthia
    Hey you have sex-links or auto-sexers available that lay olive eggs like that !
  2. Olive Oil
    Question. So do all of your hens produced by this EE Marans cross produce olive eggs, or are some brown? I have heard that sometimes chicks from a pair will turn out to lay brown eggs, usually chicks that did not inherit the pea comb and or muffs from the Ameracauna. Curious, because I am trying for the same thing with an EE similar to yours and a Birchen Marans. I was so excited to see that one of their pullets had FINALLY laid an egg, and it was...brown! I believe it came from one of the pullets who did not inherit the pea comb and muffs though, and I am HOPING that her sisters that did will lay olive eggs!
    Beautiful olive eggs you have!!
  3. speedbird
    WOW!!! I hope I can have some sometime!
  4. Twyll
    I also would like to purchase five olive-eggers to hatch or get 5 wee hens/chicks.
  5. PalmHen
    I'd like to get some olive eggs that will hatch out the chickens that lay the dark olive eggs, please. :) Is there really a list? I have been hatching Maran-over-Aracauna and got two. I can't have a rooster in my neighborhood so can't have a Marans rooster to breed my new generation to get the dark olive egg layers. You're my salvation. Thanks for posting your information. Please let me know!
  6. Chicken Girls
    Me too! Me Too! I would like to know how to get some Olive eggers
  7. LAChick
    I would like to be put on your list for olive egger hatching eggs or chicks. Thanks for sharing.
  8. PalmHen
    I'd like to get some olive egger chicks. Could you ship me a couple of chicks, or eggs? I love the color of these eggs! [email protected]
  9. kisslerclucks
    Such beautiful colors!
  10. Chickenfan4life
    Oh, thank you so much for posting this! If I was to try and get OE's by crossing a Marans roo with an EE hen, would I get what you got?
  11. mommachick1
  12. mo puff
    MEEEE TOOO! I would love to order one or more chicks.. or an egg [if i must hatch]. Do you still sell them? Signed.."jealous in florida". These colors would be great in the eggshell mosaic I am saving shells for!
  13. eggsnob
    Looking to start another generation of OE's. Would you please let me know if you have any olive eggs to hatch?
  14. foxrfarm
    Do you sell these chicks?
  15. Buckhunter76
    Those look awesome
  16. hcsarg
    Not knowing how old this thread is, do you still sell these eggs?

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