Oliver my love....

By GoldenFlight · Feb 18, 2017 · ·
  1. GoldenFlight
    On June 15, 2015, Oliver saw the world for the VERY first time. That same day he hatched out of his mother's egg, he was moved into a box and shipped off to MN. Two days later Oliver arrived at the post office and was picked up by @NathanZee and I! He was driven home and finally let out of his box that he had spent the first days of his life.

    Oliver and his friends in their new home!
    When Oliver was finally old enough to go outside, he got to go for his first outdoor swim!
    He grew and grew and finally he was all grown up!

    This is him showing off so we can see his full beauty!
    Oliver in his penguin pose.
    Hang around two of his favorite ladies.
    Shaking that water off!
    Posing so good for the camera.
    Now that is what I call a QUACK smile!
    Digging in the dirt...
    Got one of his feathers right on the tip of his bill!
    Another cute pose!
    Doing his stretches!

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  1. Ballerina Bird
    Amazing pics!
  2. GoldenFlight
  3. Whittni
  4. RodNTN
    Congrats on POW!
  5. GoldenFlight
  6. RodNTN
    Beautiful pictures :)
  7. Sarkchick
    Totally awsome article and Oliver is the very handsome.
  8. GoldenFlight
    Do you always call him that? :D
  9. Miss Lydia
    Aww Oliver [Ollie to me] is such a handsome hunk of Runner drake..
    I am loving all his pics.

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