On Easter Morning....

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  1. puppies9099
    On Easter Morning 2013 at 5:00 in the morning 2 baby African goslings were born we named them Emerald and Moonlight.
    The goslings grew up big and strong they followed me around like I was their mother but we had to give them to their parents Papa Goose and Mama Goose. Mama was not happy about new comers she wanted to sit in her floating igloo. But Papa Goose was so happy he immediately took the goslings in he gave them rides and he taught them how to forage ,finally mama goose gave in and became a mom.
    A month later we hatched one more gosling his name was Feathers
    He was adorable and went with his new family immediately
    Then they grew up Emerald was a boy Moonlight was a girl and Feathers was a boy they were one big happy family UNTIL mama goose got killed by the neighbors hounds and papa goose was devastated all he had left were his children.
    Moonlight was my beloved pet she followed me everywhere like a dog I'd honk and she'd honk she would eat out of the dog feeder all the time I tried to stop her but she wouldn't listen I always thought to myself if we left for 10 years and came back Moonlight would run right back to that dog feeder and stuff her face.
    Then one tragic day Feathers went missing the predator got him. All we had left was Papa Goose, Emerald and Moonlight. We protected the last remaining geese and they are still alive today but we had to move and couldn't take them with us so they went to a new home to a very kind man who feeds them corn every day and he has a 5 acre pond for them to swim and he promised not to eat them.
    Every day I think about Moonlight and her family but I know she is happy and safe.

    This is Moonlight with her face right in the camera

    This is Emerald

    This is Papa Goose

    Papa Goose Protecting Moonlight

    Moonlight and Emerald


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  1. Lozuufy
    Aww, such cute geese! Sad you couldn't keep them though.

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