Welcome to Super Chickens!
I know, everyone thinks their chickens are super chickens but mine really are; our last name is Super...
We got our girls on July 16, 2010, my birthday. We had 7 hens: 3 barred rocks, 2 white leghorns, 1 Rhode Island Red and 1 Buff orpington. Oddly all our hens have male names. The barred rocks are Zim, Dib and Puss after Zim and Dib from the cartoon and Puss ala Puss in boots. The 2 leghorms are Muk and Luk after the two polar bears in Balto. The Rhode Island Red is Peter after Peter Griffin from "Family Guy" since it is set in Quahog RI. The Buff is Simon after our male boxer as they both are the same fawn/buff color. All were laying except Simon. We had a fox attack our flock this past weekend (11/06) and we lost our RIR and 1 of the leghorns. Our other leghorn wandered around the first night as if she was "looking" for her lost friend. Yes, I cried when it happened. I felt like I was the worst chicken mom ever! How could I let a fox get my girls? My son put it in perspective. He told me that the fox was just doing what foxes do and I shouldn't hate it. This from the kid who thought Peter was the best hen ever. So now we are treating Simon's injuries from the fox, she got a nasty gash on her back, and building a mobile pen for them so they can still get out of the coop and stretch their legs even if we can't supervise. We are still deciding if we want to pick up some new hens to replace (I dislike the word in this context) the two we lost. There are some local breeders who have hens we can pick up that are the same breeds we lost.
Anyway, back to work...thankfully I am working from home today :)