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By OneWhiteEgg · May 7, 2012 · ·
  1. OneWhiteEgg
    When I was younger, my parents had chickens....close to 40 and then we moved. That was back in the late 80's - early 90's. I didn't have chickens again until I married my husband in 2003 and I inherited his....though as they were killed off, out of the blue, we got out of the chicken biz. Then in 2011, right before Easter, when all the feed supply stores are selling chicks, we got into the business!! Our seven year old was ecstatic (and we were a little stoked ourselves). We purchased nine, 5 or 6 banties and the rest were standards for a grand total of 16 or 17.....though something got into our coop (literally tore the fencing) and we lost 2, got rid of a mean little banty rooster, and then gave away 2 RIR roosters who were wreaking havoc on our gals!! we have a procelain d'Uccle bantam rooster/hen, a black-tailed buff japanese bantam rooster, a buff bantam hen, and the rest are hens...a buff orpington, dominique, RIR, and four white hens.....not sure really what they are, but they are white with brownish feather on their head and neck area......hmmmm!! We get about 6-7 eggs a day and they are all brown, except one.....hence, ONE WHITE EGG FARM!! We had 4 new RIR chicks for the past week and built them a nice box, to live in till they grew up a bit, but something tore into the cage last night and there is no evidence of dead chicks, but we can't find them anywhere.....they may be hiding, I don't know. So, we are currently looking to purchase some more RIR, a couple Buff Orps, and looking to get some Blk/Blue Orps from a women hopefully things will work out and maybe one day, I can figure out who's laying that ONE WHITE EGG!!!

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  1. mammasilkie
    you might want to look into a electric fence. lol

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