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By MissCluckCluck · Mar 12, 2012 · Updated Mar 27, 2012 · ·
  1. MissCluckCluck
    We all have that one thing. That one thing we've wanted for a very long time. For some it's a brand new car, others, a new iPod maybe. Me, I've always wanted a Brinsea incubator. Not the most typical thing for a teenage girl, eh?

    This member page will act as my public diary. Something amusing for my fellow chicken keepers to read. I'll be recording my journey, as long as I think is necessary. It's not going to be some useless rant, don't worry. I'll be recording a day-by-day diary from when I receive my incubator, to my very first hatch. This will also act as a review for my incubator.

    Yesterday, March 12th, my dream came true.
    After saving up as much money as I could, I was a little disappointed. Not being the legal age to work yet, and with no babysitting jobs in sight, my hopes were down. All of the money I had was from my birthday. All I had was a measly $70, not even enough for the Brinsea Mini eco. My parents said they would give me some money, for babysitting siblings and my birthday, but I figured that wouldn't be happening too soon. Spring was on the way
    However, yesterday, my parents surprised me. My father and I sat down together and ordered the Brinsea Octagon 20 Eco. I was at first going to get the Mini eco advanced, but my father insisted on the Octagon 20, saying that I would want to have more eggs held at once. I don't know how long it takes a package to get from BC to ON, but let's hope it's not too long! [​IMG]

    Let me hear your guys' Brinsea feedback!

    March 20th-
    So the incubator came today! Let me tell you, I was really excited, and my anticipation grew every day. We've had it on since about 5:00pm, and will set eggs in it tomorrow. We're giving it some time to make sure the temperature stays steady.

    March 21st- DAY ONE
    Today I set the eggs! There are 3 EE eggs, four duck eggs and... some odd Barred rock eggs. The only thing I'm worried about is if the BR eggs are fertile- the people we got them from, their chickens free-range full time. I'm not sure what their roo to hen ratio is.
    Basically, this hatch is a test hatch. We want to make sure the incubator works right before putting more 'expensive' breeds in.
    For the first 24 hours, I'm leaving the incubator locked up. I will start to candle probably on the second day.
    Yay for eggs!
    DAY 2-
    Today we decided (more like I did) to candle some of the eggs. Upon candling, we found one with hairline cracks- AHH! It's gone, don't worry. We found the duck eggs are REALLY easy to candle, since they're white. We had a few different looking results.
    ^^^^^There's a few like this that have a distinct red circle. I'm a newbie, so bear with me ;)
    ^^^This is a duck egg.

    DAY 3-
    Today the eggs with red spots (correct me if I am wrong, but I think that's the chick) have grown significantly. On day 3, it is said the chick starts developing it's nose, legs and wings. Cool, eh?

    As you can see, the red spot has grown compared to the yesterday. These are Barred Rock eggs, so they're harder to candle.
    The bottom is a duck egg. They take 28 days, so I'm not expecting too much development at once.​
    I suggest checking out this blog! Without it, I probably wouldn't even had a Brinsea right now ;)

    Check out my blog @ http://thecanadianchicken.blogspot.ca/2012/03/operation-octagon-my-first-hatch.html

    DAY 4-
    Oh my cow, what a surprise when I was candling today! I was candling one of my EE's, Stella's eggs, and literally squealed in delight. I'm not sure what happens of day 4, but the change is amazing. HOWEVER, this next picture is a different egg than the BR one I posted yesterday. My father tells me "don't count the chicks before they hatch." Good point.
    ^Look how cute it is! :) Baby on board!?
    ^Probably not the best decision on my part to incubate duck AND chicken eggs at the same time... But the ducks are just for fun, really. If even ONE hatched, I'd be happy!

    DAY 5-
    Well. It doesn't look too promising for the Barred Rock eggs at the moment. Our flashlight isn't strong enough to penetrate the shells well, but quite a few are for sure duds. Only 1/4 duck eggs looks viable. However, Stella, my EE's eggs are looking really good. On day 5, the reproductive organs begin to form, & sex differentiation begins. I tried telling them to all be hens, but I'm not sure they can hear me.
    ^The picture is hard to see, but we can see the eyeball. It really is a miracle.
    ^*fingers crossed this little guy hatches!!

    DAY 7-
    Well, the Barred Rocks might be starting to redeem themselves. However, I'm a bit worried about the duck egg. There are plenty of veins, but we couldn't find the embryo. I'm worried we might have disturbed it too much. :(

    ^it's hard to see.
    *sniffle* :(

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  1. MissCluckCluck
    Fingers crossed indeed!
  2. redheadfarmer
    Fingers crossed for high fertility, high hatch and high hen ratios!!!!!
  3. MissCluckCluck
  4. LuvinChickens
    Ok Thank you. :D
  5. MissCluckCluck
    'Setting" eggs means setting them in the incubator.
  6. LuvinChickens
    What does it meen to 'set eggs'?
  7. Sueg4332
    just filled my new Brinsea Octagon 20 Eco for the hatch a long. Set 20 marans eggs mostly Black copper marans, a couple of the eggs I forgot to mark. Hoping for a good hatch. I've a good about the brinsea bators. Good luck with your hatching. Sueg4332
  8. MissCluckCluck
    Thanks! :D I'm very eggcited!
  9. LuvinChickens
    -dance- Yay! Good luck! -end dance-
  10. canesisters

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