Oprah Our Polish Show Girl

By CedarCluck · Aug 14, 2012 ·
  1. CedarCluck
    So as I mentioned in my first post here, I have wanted chickens for close to ten years now, and originally my partner TH said absolutely not. Well we went to this meet with the woman who's listing we found on craigslist, and to pick out our future chickens. The first thing that went through my head was that my TH was going to freak out being inside this woman's chicken house while we picked out our birds. He used to be terrified of birds, though I'm not really sure why. But anyways, the first bird he noticed was the Polish hen this woman had. I had told him he could pick out a chicken if he saw any he liked, and that Polish was to be ours.

    We brought her home along with the other two (I will talk about them later), and almost immediately we could tell that she was going to be the lead hen. She had all this attitude and she would just hold her head and give you this look as if saying, "Well?" And with that big tuft of feathers on her head, she was named Oprah (as in Winfrey lol)


    In just the few weeks that we have had our girls we have learned quite a bit, and we have really gotten to know Oprah. She is a very quiet hen, however when she wants something she lets you know. She likes her coop and her run, and has adjusted to not have the ability to always free range very well, however she still loves to free range in the yard, and when she is sick of being in her run she will cluck till I let her out. She especially loves to roam through our spring garden that is currently empty and search for bugs and give herself dust baths. [​IMG]



    Oprah has been an amazing girl. As the title says, she is a show girl, or at least used to be. The woman who was her previous owner showed her for three years. I know that she won at least two ribbons in her years of being shown, and while I don't know anything about showing chickens at 4-h I am thinking of looking into it as she is a very beautiful bird who deserves for her beauty to be shown off to the world.

    She has also adjusted to life as a loved pet very well too. She was the first of our three girls to be held without flopping around, and she likes to follow me around the yard as I am outside working either on the chicken coop or in our garden. She sits in our laps and just looks around at the world, and TH is even picking her up on his own. I just need to get a picture of it one of these days. Aside from being a wonderful pet though, Oprah is also laying an egg a day for us. We were very surprised when we found the first one from her because it was literally the very next day after we had brought her home, and in my research I had read that with the stress of such a big move most chickens won't lay for a few weeks. But with an exception on two really hot days when it was over 105 outside, Oprah has laid an egg every day for us.

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