fresh batch


Fresh batch!

Organics North Chicken Feed (New)
18 pounds ground corn
6 pounds ground BOSS
6 pounds rolled oats
6 pounds cracked wheat

6 pounds cracked alfalfa pellets (doubled if no other greens are available)
4 pounds soy meal
4 pounds ground field peas
3 pounds fish meal
2 pounds kelp meal
2 pounds flax
2 pounds nutritional yeast

4 pounds oyster shells
.25 pounds Azomite

This is approximately 17% protein... This dry mix is available 24x7 to the birds... Sprouted oats and wheat (approx. 1/2 gallon per 20 birds) are given morning and night along with any greens available. High quality alfalfa hay is in run during dry/cold seasons... Birds free range all day when range is available.

Just adjust the protein and use as a starter or for meat birds... For meat birds with bumble foot potential, double yeast and feed liver.

This mix is a base feed, birds are raised on pasture or free range...

Organics North Chicken Feed.. (Old)

6 parts or 6 pounds Black Oil Sunflower
6 parts or 6 pounds Oats
6 parts or 10.5 pounds hard red winter Wheat

4 parts or 7 pounds field Peas
3 parts or 4.5 pounds corn
3 parts or 6 pounds whole Flax
3 parts or 6 pounds Alfalfa meal or pellet
1 part or 1.5 pounds Kelp
2 parts or 3.5 pounds Fish meal
1/2 part or 2 pounds Oyster shell
1/8 part or 1/4 pound Azomite
1/8 part or 1/8 pound DE
First 3 ingredients are whole grain and sprouted for 1-5 days before feeding.
Field peas and corn are ground and mixed with whole flax or expelled flax, alfalfa meal or pellets, kelp, oyster shell, DE and azomite. (These ingredients are are moistened with healthy kitchen leftovers. Things like Yogurt, Water Kefir grains, Kombucha, AVC, mashed fruit or vegetables.)
Feed 2 parts sprouts and 1 part mash for the proper nutritional ratio.

All of the above ingredients are also ground and used as a dry feed with 24x7 availibility. In the dry feed mix I will often use rolled oats instead of whole oats. Also lately I have been adding a bit of unsulfered molasses to the powdery ingredients.